Stepping inside the First World War


Mon, 6th October, 2014


9:30 am - 3:30 pm



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A practical, one day ‘History Through Drama’ Upper KS2 experience, led by a professional playwright (to be held at your own school)

In this practical, memorable one day workshop, children will engage in 5 imagined experiences which will enable them to learn creatively and understand and reflect on, some of the key events of the First World War.

The 5 key drama experiences will be:

  • ‘Your country needs you’ ; recruiting a volunteer army, joining up, leaving home, saying goodbye
  • ‘Life in trenches’ ; building a trench, food, post, no man’s land, defence and attack, Christmas 1914
  • ‘Women at War’ ; Munitions workers (the Canary Girls), Land Army, Factory work, how women replaced the men.
  • ‘Attack from the sky’. A Zeppelin attack on a civilian targets,
  • ‘The End. Armistice and Remembrance’ ; how people reacted as the war ended and how we remember those who died.

The learning will be supported by:

  • A series of vivid teacher roles
  • Contemporary music, sound effects and artifacts
  • A wide range of source material
  • Reference to local events and memorials
  • A list of follow-up activities for teachers.

Children will:

  • Meet a series of characters, some fictitious and some from real life
  • Take on roles in individually, in pairs, in larger groups and in a whole group
  • Reflect on some of the key events both in and out of role
  • Undertake writing in role tasks including eye witness accounts, letters, and newspaper reports. They will also write their own war poems.

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Stepping inside the First World War

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Mon, 6th October, 2014


9:30 am - 3:30 pm





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Rob John is a playwright, teacher and drama consultant who has been teaching drama and training teachers to use drama as a creative teaching and learning medium, for nearly thirty years. His recent work for the BBC includes ‘Archie Dobson’s War’ a children’s radio play about World War One and the ‘A-Z of World War One’ a series of monologues for BBC2 TV Learning Zone.

Rob is co-author (with Patrice Baldwin) of’ Inspiring Writing Through Drama’. His stage plays include Living with Lady Macbeth which has been performed by schools and Youth Theatres all over the world and The Spaceman. Rob has written several plays for BBC Radio 4 and numerous scripts and stories for BBC Schools radio and television.

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