I have worked as a conference speaker and/or workshop leader in about 40 countries and represented National Drama internationally for about 15 years, before becoming President of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) from 2010-2013. Through IDEA, I was the Drama Board member for the World Alliance for Arts Education, working with UNESCO to help implement their Goals for Arts Education. and I presented at UNESCO’s Second World Conference on Arts Education in Seoul. I was also an invited speaker about Drama for Learning, at the EU headquarters in Brussels.

I have been involved in several EU funded Erasmus projects, the latest being ‘Play It Out Loud’ Dr. Ruth Sayers and I represented National Drama as the UK partner for this successful 2 year training and research project, (2019-21).

I am a visiting lecturer at several universities and was a Cultural Leader for Brock University in Canada, during 2013-14.

Some of my books have been translated into other languages, including Turkish and Spanish and are on several university reading lists internationally. My most recent book (with Professor Alicja Gałązka from Poland), was published by Bloomsbury in October 2021: ‘Using Process Drama for Teaching and Learning Second Languages’:

I have contributed to various online international conferences and discussion groups during the pandemic, (Turkey, Austria, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand) and I am delighted that teachers from across the world have been attending the online courses I have delivered for National Drama.

From March 2022, I will be delivering some online training sessions for the Australian Performing Arts Teachers Association (APATA).

I intend to resume my international conference travels from Spring 2022 and hope to attend IDEA’s next World Congress in Iceland, (July 2022).

Some available international podcasts, conference workshops and keynotes

India: (August 7th 2021), Developing Social Skills In Children Through Drama & Arts To listen to our international forum discussion, click here

Poland: (2019-21), Play It Out Loud An Erasmus Project led by Poland, with partners from the UK, Ireland, Greece and Spain. To watch the promotional film I have contributed to, click here.

Switzerland: (18th – 20th July, 2019), Drama in Education Days, Zug, 2019. To read my keynote click here

USA: (March 5th 2019), Cognition and Drama To listen to a discussion between Prof. Peter Duffy, Prof. Xan Johnson and myself, click here

Greece: (23rd to 25th November, 2018), Theatre/Drama and Performing Arts in Education: Utopia or Necessity? To download the conference publication from the 8th Athens International Conference, (which includes Bringing a Legend Alive Through Inter-thinking, Talk and Embodiment – about my workshop on Theseus and the Minotaur ), click here