‘Patrice Baldwin is a rarity. She is one of the few primary drama experts left in this country and quite possibly the most experienced and effective drama primary teacher. Teachers on her courses, come away feeling more confident and with a broader repertoire. Her work is excellent!”
Pie Corbett
I’ve worked with Patrice on a wide range of subject areas for BBC Learning where her creative skills coupled with her deep and practical knowledge of education have proved invaluable. She is a skilled communicator to learners young and not so young and I know that educators and their students across the UK and beyond have benefitted from her skilled teaching.”
Gordon Lamont Freelance Content Creator: BBC, Discovery Channel, Parliament’s Education Service
Patrice Baldwin is a brilliant keynote speaker and workshop leader in drama education. Her “passion and enthusiasm was most inspiring” at Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Reading for Pleasure: Creating Lifelong Readers conference in June 2013.”
Jo Bowers, Senior Lecturer, Primary Education, Cardiff Metropolitan University.
Patrice is one of the world’s foremost thinkers and practitioners of drama education.”
Peter O’Connor, Associate Professor, University of Auckland, NZ
You are still the best teacher I have ever seen!”
Trish Lindberg, Professor of Education, Plymouth State University, USA
We were really amazed by the way you did your workshop. You had a wonderful process drama and you were very pedagogical and generous with your ideas, sharing how you were thinking when you made your pedagogical and dramatic choices! You were also very open about how you structured your work and that is a great source for learning.”
Elsa Szatek, Lecturer in Drama Education University of Gävle, Sweden

Absolutely brilliant! Patrice’s course opened doors for colleagues which they would not have believed possible. In everything she does, she walks delegates through the materials, and discusses the impact this has on children’s learning. She uses drama conventions to create opportunities for pupils to secure their learning in new and deeper ways.”
Mary Myatt
Thank you for your energy, passion, expertise and for being able to communicate this to our secondary colleagues. They all went away fired up. Much appreciated. I’ll be in touch again!”
Helen Bowen, Ex Senior School Improvement Adviser for English/Literacy, Newport
My colleague and I really enjoyed your presentation and your workshop. Thank you so much for spreading so much encouragment!”
Secondary drama teacher, Frankfurt, Germany
A fantastic course with excellent cross-curricular links. The resources are great and the ideas we were shown will link directly back to the classroom.”
Primary School Teacher, London
Having worked with you several times now on various courses it is fantastic to see you working with children. Everything I felt nervous about trying was shown to me and I thought I could do that…The course was 100% tailored to meet our needs.”
Primary School teacher, Norwich