This page is being updated. Articles from 2015 onwards will be added soon.

These articles are mainly written by Patrice but some are written by journalists quoting her.

Spring 2015
English 4-11 – Patrice has an article due for publication, based on her ‘Talk and Drama for Writing’ work.
It contains a full drama lesson plan based on Pie Corbett’s retelling of ‘The Adventures of Perseus’.

Autumn 2014
The Stage – NYT chief’s call to end ‘irrelevant’ drama GCSEs sparks fury
The Independent – Take Drama off GCSE curriculum, insists National Youth Theatre Boss

Summer 2014
DRAMA magazine – ‘All in all it’s up to us to take the bricks from the wall

Spring 2014
DRAMA magazine – ‘Sense or Séance

17th May 2014
TES Connect – ‘Rapid, irreversible damage has been recklessly inflicted on drama in schools

Autumn 2013
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – Dorothy Heathcote
Teaching Drama magazine (1) – Curriculum and Culture? Or Smoke and Mirrors

July 2013
S.Korean ARTS magazine – The Future of Drama and Theatre Education (an interview with Patrice at the IDEA World Congress in Paris)

Summer 2013
DRAMA magazine – ‘Is Drama a Bard Thing?

Spring 2013
DRAMA magazine – ‘A letter, a playwright a handbook and a Bible’

7th January 2013
Guardian Teachers’ Network – ‘Drama is a subject, despite what the government thinks

30th October 2012
Guardian Teachers’ Network – ‘In defence of school drama: don’t let arts fall off the curriculum

Autumn 2012
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘Is this Death by a Thousand Cuts?

Summer 2012
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘Education at the Races
DRAMA magazine – ‘Goodbuy Drama, mayk way for fonix and spellink

22nd June 2012
TES Connect – ‘Fact, fact, fact! Who put the philistines in charge?

June 2012
Teaching Drama magazine – ‘Uffish Thoughts’

Spring 2012
Teaching Drama magazine – ‘Invisible Drama and other Monkey Business
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama in the Wings’

April 2012
Kumon website – Drama as a way of helping children prepare for reading comprehension tests

Autumn 2011
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘What is IDEA?’
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘The Curriculum in Wonderland’
Teaching Drama magazine (1) – ‘Keeping Drama Afloat’

Summer 2011
Teaching Drama magazine (1) – ‘A Fairy Take Come True

Bacc to the Future Campaign – Signatory to the Letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Summer 2010
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama is an Elephant
Every Child Journal – ‘Drama, Theatre and Autistic Children’
Creative Teaching and Learning (Vol:1.3) – ‘Drama and Proud’

Spring 2010
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Using Stories’ – lessons
VISION (Futurelab publication) – ‘Hands on’ in the Classroom

Summer 2009
Teaching Drama (2) – ‘Drama and Me’ – an extended feature interview with Patrice Baldwin
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ – lessons

Autumn 2009
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Get set for the London 2012 Games’ – lessons

Spring 2009
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Engaging with Globalisation’ – lessons

Autumn 2008
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Supporting Gifted and Talented Children’ – lessons
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama in Schools – some basic questions answered’

Summer 2008
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Making Every Child Matter’ – lessons

May 2008
TES Connect – ‘Drama in crisis over assistants

Spring/Summer 2008
DRAMA magazine – ‘Chair’s Report of the ND Durham Conference – Mind, Body and Spirit

May 2008
TES – Vesuvius: then and very now

Summer 2007
DRAMA magazine – ‘Longing and Belonging

Winter 2006
DRAMA magazine –Drama for Learning and Creativity (D4LC)

Summer 2006
The Primary English Magazine – Stories and Buckets

Summer 2006
DRAMA magazine – An Interview with Patrice Baldwin

25th November 2005
TES Connect – ‘The Scene Changes

Winter 2004
DRAMA magazine – ‘With Drama in Mind’

19th November 2004
TES Connect – ‘New Ways of Being

February 2003
The Primary English Magazine – ‘Working in the Round’

FORUM, Volume 44, No. 3 – ‘Drama – Coming out of the wings? A post national curriculum view of Drama in Education’

April 2002
The Primary English Magazine – ‘Preparing for the test? Where’s the drama?’

1st June 2001
TES Connect – ‘Going with the flow

February 2000
The Primary English Magazine – ‘The Lady of Shallott‘ – lesson

Winter 1999
DRAMA magazine – ‘Exploring The Listeners’ – lesson

Summer 1998
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama and Literacy’