These articles are mainly written by Patrice but some are written by journalists quoting her.

Spring 2015
English 4-11 – Patrice has an article due for publication, based on her ‘Talk and Drama for Writing’ work.
It contains a full drama lesson plan based on Pie Corbett’s retelling of ‘The Adventures of Perseus’.

Autumn 2014
The Stage – NYT chief’s call to end ‘irrelevant’ drama GCSEs sparks fury
The Independent – Take Drama off GCSE curriculum, insists National Youth Theatre Boss

Summer 2014
DRAMA magazine – ‘All in all it’s up to us to take the bricks from the wall

Spring 2014
DRAMA magazine – ‘Sense or Séance

17th May 2014
TES Connect – ‘Rapid, irreversible damage has been recklessly inflicted on drama in schools

Autumn 2013
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – Dorothy Heathcote
Teaching Drama magazine (1) – Curriculum and Culture? Or Smoke and Mirrors

July 2013
S.Korean ARTS magazine – The Future of Drama and Theatre Education (an interview with Patrice at the IDEA World Congress in Paris)

Summer 2013
DRAMA magazine – ‘Is Drama a Bard Thing?

Spring 2013
DRAMA magazine – ‘A letter, a playwright a handbook and a Bible’

7th January 2013
Guardian Teachers’ Network – ‘Drama is a subject, despite what the government thinks

30th October 2012
Guardian Teachers’ Network – ‘In defence of school drama: don’t let arts fall off the curriculum

Autumn 2012
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘Is this Death by a Thousand Cuts?

Summer 2012
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘Education at the Races
DRAMA magazine – ‘Goodbuy Drama, mayk way for fonix and spellink

22nd June 2012
TES Connect – ‘Fact, fact, fact! Who put the philistines in charge?

June 2012
Teaching Drama magazine – ‘Uffish Thoughts’

Spring 2012
Teaching Drama magazine – ‘Invisible Drama and other Monkey Business
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama in the Wings’

April 2012
Kumon website – Drama as a way of helping children prepare for reading comprehension tests

Autumn 2011
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘What is IDEA?’
Teaching Drama magazine (2) – ‘The Curriculum in Wonderland’
Teaching Drama magazine (1) – ‘Keeping Drama Afloat’

Summer 2011
Teaching Drama magazine (1) – ‘A Fairy Take Come True

Bacc to the Future Campaign – Signatory to the Letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Summer 2010
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama is an Elephant
Every Child Journal – ‘Drama, Theatre and Autistic Children’
Creative Teaching and Learning (Vol:1.3) – ‘Drama and Proud’

Spring 2010
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Using Stories’ – lessons
VISION (Futurelab publication) – ‘Hands on’ in the Classroom

Summer 2009
Teaching Drama (2) – ‘Drama and Me’ – an extended feature interview with Patrice Baldwin
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ – lessons

Autumn 2009
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Get set for the London 2012 Games’ – lessons

Spring 2009
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Engaging with Globalisation’ – lessons

Autumn 2008
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Supporting Gifted and Talented Children’ – lessons
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama in Schools – some basic questions answered’

Summer 2008
Primary Subjects (CfSA) – ‘Making Every Child Matter’ – lessons

May 2008
TES Connect – ‘Drama in crisis over assistants

Spring/Summer 2008
DRAMA magazine – ‘Chair’s Report of the ND Durham Conference – Mind, Body and Spirit

May 2008
TES – Vesuvius: then and very now

Summer 2007
DRAMA magazine – ‘Longing and Belonging

Winter 2006
DRAMA magazine –Drama for Learning and Creativity (D4LC)

Summer 2006
The Primary English Magazine – Stories and Buckets

Summer 2006
DRAMA magazine – An Interview with Patrice Baldwin

25th November 2005
TES Connect – ‘The Scene Changes

Winter 2004
DRAMA magazine – ‘With Drama in Mind’

19th November 2004
TES Connect – ‘New Ways of Being

February 2003
The Primary English Magazine – ‘Working in the Round’

FORUM, Volume 44, No. 3 – ‘Drama – Coming out of the wings? A post national curriculum view of Drama in Education’

April 2002
The Primary English Magazine – ‘Preparing for the test? Where’s the drama?’

1st June 2001
TES Connect – ‘Going with the flow

February 2000
The Primary English Magazine – ‘The Lady of Shallott‘ – lesson

Winter 1999
DRAMA magazine – ‘Exploring The Listeners’ – lesson

Summer 1998
DRAMA magazine – ‘Drama and Literacy’

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