Process Drama for Second Language Teaching and Learning


This course will help language teachers learn how to set up Process Drama and use drama strategies within second language classrooms. During the course we will refer to our recently published book .

During this course you will learn what Process Drama is and how it works as an enjoyable, social, and emotionally engaging way, for young people and adults to learn and use a second language and develop their 21st century skills.

  • What is Process Drama?
  • What does it offer second language teachers and learners?
  • How might I introduce Process Drama to my language class?
  • What are some of the main Drama strategies I can use?
  • What is the teacher’s role?

This course consists of an introductory session, followed by two full sessions

Free Introductory session:  This session explains what Process Drama is, what the following two sessions of the course will cover and why this course will be helpful to teachers of second languages. You will also have 3 important drama strategies explained.  

Attendees will need to confirm (within three days), whether they will also be attending both sessions 2 and 3, i.e. completing the full certificated course.

Session 1: This session will explain how to set up a Drama Contract with a class. Further key drama strategies will be explained and a whole class drama lesson, (based on a global issue), will be presented in steps. Ways in which Process Drama supports the development of talk and writing, will be considered.  There will also be an opportunity for those attending, to share some aspect of their current drama practice.

Session 2:  This session will consider the ways in which Process Drama links with the development of 21st Century Skills and with CLIL.  Further drama strategies will be explained and a drama lesson based on an historical incident, will be presented and explained, a step at a time. There will be opportunity for those attending, to consider and share the impact that this course has had on their practice so far and what their ‘next steps’ might be, in relation to their Process Drama and Second Language Teaching and Learning.  

Sessions Title Dates
Session One

(Free introduction)


What is Process Drama and what does this course offer? Tuesday 8th March

7pm-8pm CET

Session Two Process Drama for writing and talking within language teaching Saturday 26th March

10am-12 CET

Session Three Process Drama, CLIL and development of 21st Century skills Saturday 2nd April

10am-12 CET


• A Drama Contract
• A Drama Strategies booklet
• A copy of the Powerpoint (as a PDF)
• 2 lesson plans
• 2 relevant articles


50 Euros for the full certificated course (3 sessions)


The sessions will be online, using Zoom.
Early registration is required.

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Patrice Baldwin
International ‘Drama for Learning’ expert, educational author, speaker and workshop leader. Past President of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association and Past Chair of National Drama (UK). She was a Headteacher, school inspector and local government Arts Adviser.

Prof. Alicja Gałązka
A psychotherapist, psychologist, linguist, a licenced coach and international master trainer. A President of ICI ( International Coaching Institute ) in Poland . An academic teacher, researcher and coordinator of two SIGS in IATEFL Poland Drama in ELT and Psychology in ELT


The sessions will be online, using Zoom. Early registration is required.
To register click here