Mathematics Courses

Most of these maths courses are led by Lynne Greenwood.

The course on 22nd March is led by Steve Irwin (Max the Maths).

Please select a course below for further details:

Spring Term 2019

Subject Leader Briefing (Spring Term), Tuesday 5th February 2019, (4.15-5.45pm)

Inspiring ideas for primary maths teaching, Wednesday 6th February 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm) – a course for NQT and NQT+1 teachers

How to keep the ‘rapid graspers’ engaged: challenging the higher attaining pupils mathematicians, Thursday 7th February 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm)

Marvellous Mathematics in the EYFS: Exploring how the key mathematical skills can be nurtured appropriately through meaningful play and rich practical ideas, Wednesday 6th March 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm

Mastering multiplication (and division) through lively learning, Thursday 7th March 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm)

Greater Depth in Maths: Differentiation in a Mastery Approach, Led by Steve Lomax (Max the Maths), Friday 22nd March 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm)

Summer Term 2019

Supporting subject knowledge development: Calculating with fractions, Tuesday 4th June 2019, (1.30pm – 4.30pm)

Challenging thinking and reasoning in primary maths teaching, Wednesday 5th June 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm) – a course for NQTs and NQT+1 teachers

Subject Leader Briefing (Summer Term) , Tuesday 18th June 2019, (4.15-5.45pm)

Supporting subject knowledge development: Developing Algebraic thinking in KS1 and KS2, Wednesday 19th June 2019, (1.30pm – 4.30pm)

‘It’s ok to be stuck’: Developing resilience and persistence in the maths classroom, Thursday 20th June 2019, (9.30 -3.30pm)

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