Patrice is committed to developing the practice of ‘Drama for Learning’ in schools.

Drama as a teaching method and learning medium has its roots in dramatic play but can be refined and developed for working with children, young people and adults at any age.

‘Drama for Learning’ involves the teacher and whole classes of children working in role together, in sustained, imagined contexts with a clear learning focus. Most children find drama for learning engaging, enjoyable and motivating. It can be used as a powerful pedagogy across the curriculum. The teacher is able to draw on a range of drama strategies and conventions, to help structure the lesson and scaffold the thinking, talk and learning. The teacher mediates the learning experience and offers challenge from within the fiction itself.

Patrice believes that all children are entitled to be taught by specialist drama teachers in schools and that drama should be available on the curriculum. She also considers that a basic understanding of drama methods would be of benefit to all teachers.

Patrice has a particular interest in ‘Drama for Learning’ and has published in three main areas:

  • Drama, Neuroscience and Learning
  • Drama for Literacy (talk, reading and writing)
  • Developing a Primary Drama Curriculum

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