Drama for Learning (Process Drama)

Patrice is recognised internationally, as an expert in ‘Drama for Learning’ and is committed to its development in schools. She believes that all teachers can benefit from knowing and using some ‘drama strategies’.

Drama as a teaching method and learning medium has its roots in dramatic play but can used with children, young people and adults of any age. Its associated strategies and conventions can be used by teachers, as pedagogical tools, that help scaffold children’s thinking, inter-thinking and talk. ‘Drama for Learning’ usually involves the teacher and a whole class, working in role together. The teacher organises and mediates the learning experience and offers information and challenge (often as a co-participant), from within the drama itself. The drama provides imagined contexts for developing real skills, knowledge and understanding.

Patrice has a particular interest (and has published) in these areas:

  • How Drama links to Neuroscience and Learning
  • How Drama Strategies can be used to stimulate and support Talk and Oracy
  • Using Drama as a Pretext and Context for Writing
  • Using Drama to support children’s reading comprehension
  • Drama in and across the Primary Curriculum
  • Using Drama to ‘Make Sense’ of Picture Books, Stories and Poems
  • Using Drama to understand History

Patrice is available to:

  • train individual teachers and/or whole staff in ‘Drama for Learning’ at one day courses ( or longer)
  • work with your classes and your curriculum, to demonstrate whole class drama in your school
  • create bespoke CPD in Drama for Learning, that links to your school’s specific development priorities