‘Drama for Learning’  CPD courses online

Book places now on the Primary Drama CPD sessions, hosted by National Drama (£25pp)

OR,  your school can host any of these CPD sessions for just your staff (£200 for 1.5 hours – Contact patrice@patricebaldwin.com)

Drama for Oracy  – Thursday 14th January 2021  (4pm to 5.30pm)

Talk Protocols and the Drama Contract. Drama Strategies as Talk Frames. Talk for different purposes and audiences. Active listening and responding. The roles and functions of the teacher.

Drama for Talk and Writing – Thursday 28th January 2021 (4pm to 5.30pm)

Drama as a Stimulus for Talk and Writing. Drama for Context and Content. Drama Strategies as flexible Talk Frames. Talking as Writers. Motivation, purpose, audience and response. The roles of the teacher.

Using ‘Drama for Learning’ Techniques with Picture Books (KS1 and KS2) – Thursday 11th February 2021 (4pm to 5.30pm)

How drama links with story and image. Entering books together. Bringing images and text alive. Deepening engagement, thinking and learning. Ways of exploring characters, situations and events. Adding to and learning from the story.

Learning Through Drama in Storyland (Early Years) Thursday 4th March 2021 (4pm to 5.30pm)

Moving from Dramatic Play to Drama. Creating Your Storyland. Getting There & Back Safely. Increasing Challenge and Ensuring Learning. Teacher in Role.

Using Drama Strategies as Teaching Tools across the curriculum (date tbc)

13 basic drama strategies that every teacher can use, what each offers, how to set them up, when to use them, (with lesson examples from across the curriculum). Also, briefly considering some strategies as thinking frames, talk frames and pre-writing frames.