Using ‘Drama for Learning’ techniques to enter, explore and understand Picture Books


This course will explain how to practically explore picture books with a whole class, using drama techniques and strategies to focus attention on the content and meaningful interplay of both the text and images. With direct reference to one or two high quality picture books (depending on the session time available), teachers will learn ‘step by step’ how to help children to enter the story together and actively and thoughtfully engage with the characters, situations, settings and events. Additional images and text can also be created through this process and this will also be explained and exemplified.


• A Drama Contract
• A Drama Strategies booklet
• A copy of the Powerpoint (as a PDF)
• 2 KS1 lesson plans
• 2 KS2 lesson plans
• A published article


Twilights (up to 2 hours, on site or online): £225
Half day (up to 3 hours): £325
Full day (up to 6 hours): £625

Costs are based on one school OR up to 30 attendees.


  • Above 30 attendees, add £10 per additional person
  • Travel @45p a mile, (capped at £175)
  • Overnight budget hotel accommodation, (if required)


• demonstration lessons with your classes,
• planning and teaching lessons in partnership with your teachers
• drama lesson observations and feedback,
• drama subject leader support and curriculum development planning
• whole school drama audits, review and development advice and support

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“It was a great session. I will now use drama techniques with language and humanities.”